Welcome, and thanks for visiting!  Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it absorbs whatever is placed on it.  Soap sold in most stores is not true soap, but detergent.  If you read the ingredients on the labels of most well known brands, you will find unfamiliar words difficult to pronounce, chemicals, lard, or tallow, which is animal fat.  Soap for the Soul soap is all natural, pure, rich soap — not detergent.  We use only the finest vegan oils which:  moisturize and condition your skin, improve its suppleness and resiliency, and provide a rich later.  That is why the number one spa in North America for 2010 carried our soap exclusively.  If you have never tried handcrafted soap before, you and your skin are in for a luxurious treat.  You will be able to tell the difference once you bathe with it.  Yes, handcrafted soap made from pure, natural ingredients costs more than store brands, but you and your skin are worth it.  Soap for the Soul is a faith based company, and I am a Certified Advanced Soapmaker — one of only a few in Florida — commited to crafting a quality American product.  Our soap makes your skin feel amazing, fragrances your home, and lathers like crazy down to the last sliver.  Check out our community projects that your business helps us support. I hope you enjoy my soap!


      Jane Gavin — The Soap Lady

All of our handcrafted soaps are listed for sale under our “Soaps” page, and prices include shipping and handling.

Due to the nature of hand cutting, and the natural curing process, weight of individual bars vary slightly.  We label them 5 oz. to error on the side of correctness with FDA regulations, as soap can continue to shrink slightly as it ages.  All labeling reflects the lowest weight mentioned to comply with appropriate labeling standards; however, most often you will find the actual weight to be generous.

Note:  For large orders, four weeks notice is required due to the long drying process of handcrafted soaps.

Did you know that we offer soap at wholesale for you to wrap with your own private label?  Available in whole loaves only; 15 large bars per loaf.  Contact Jane at (863)299-1030 if you are interested for our wholesale prices.  We can ship the loaves to you — cut or uncut — for you to wrap, box, or bag with your own logo or label.